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Gifted psychic, reuniting & repairing love and relationships

My passion is helping people find love. Whether if it’s reuniting love, repairing love, or just looking into the health of a relationship. I have a true gift when it comes to love- I see the truth behind the situation to give you the best advice and psychic insight available- At a decent price- So let’s look into the love story- Of Your life!??? I’m gifted with a multitude of psychic gifts and abilities, and sure to help! My predictions and premonitions have offered needed direction to many. Love Readings are given with encouragement, support and the truth. "Truly Gifted" Many Say. I first realized my gift when I was 5 years old. Instead of playing with toys and makeup like a Regular little girl, I was Fascinated with tarot cards and was able to connect with angles and receive direct message from them for Others. Some called me "An Angel of Healing" now being a professional for over 14 years. I am proud to be the winner of 24 awards for accuracy and authenticity!!! I Love to help people through my Psychic abilities. That’s My Gift, Passion, And life!?


- Love & Relationship
- Soulmate Connections
- Reuniting loved ones
- Breaking up & Divorce
- Cheating & affairs
- Single & Dating
- Same Sex Relationships
- Intimacy
- Career
- Family
- Past Life
- Pets
- Tarot Reading
- Palmistry
- Clairvoyant
- Tarot
- Twin Flames

Connie's Testimonials

18 Jan 2017 20:34

really love her readings so much!! Thank you Connie!! xoxo

- Katherine

06 Jan 2017 23:49

Thank you darling :) it's been a real pleasure listening to you and it gives me a lot of clarity. Lots of Love

- Monika

05 Jan 2017 15:31

i believed tuned into my situation very well because my intuition tells me the same thing.. but connie can you clarify with me when you say 2-3 months do you mean by that 8-12 weeks or like counting by december january

- Alexa

03 Jan 2017 19:13

Love Connie!! She's so caring, honest and detailed.

- Natalie

02 Jan 2017 07:33

A very talented reader who provided me a lengthy response filled with detail and clarity! She truly sees through a situation and I wish I'd used her a long time ago!

- Marissa

01 Jan 2017 19:03

Thank you! :)

- Brittany

31 Dec 2016 22:20

she's amazing, will definitely be my go to psychic ! highly recommended

- Marie Buckley

27 Dec 2016 21:32

You're trully deep and see a lot. Thank you darling

- Monika

27 Dec 2016 01:04

To look back, Connie has been the most accurate all along. Her prediction came to pass about my ex rerurning within said timeframe. Now i am awaiting new prediction to come to pass with my new love interest :) Thank you Connie

- HarrGirl

19 Dec 2016 00:29

Her reading was good. :) Though... can you finish your message, please? it was cut off in the middle. Thanks!

- Gabriela

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