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I specialize in love & relationships

I specialize in love & relationships and can read into thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others. I can tell you if you're with the right person, if they are faithful to you, how they feel about you, and how to mend your relationships. I am a master psychic tarot card reader. I advise in all areas of life, love, business, career forecast, family and much more.

Gina's Testimonials

20 Mar 2018 01:51

wasnt very specfic on dates but was very accurate

- Brittany

19 Mar 2018 14:51

I asked specific questions and she said "just dont worry about it" really?? what kind of response is that? I really wish i could get my money back. Her reaponses also didn't make sense at all. She is defiantly not worth the money. loom for someone else. Seriously!

- Danielle

19 Mar 2018 03:29

i agree with every1 on here her response was short even her description of herself is short she didnt even put any effort towards this reading

- Tyronda

17 Mar 2018 20:46

Nice lady. Answer was very short otherwise she was mostly accurate.

- kate

15 Mar 2018 22:19

worst.reading.ever! after I told her I drove by bf work last night, she suggested I call the police or hospital to ease my mind. how dumb is that? and then she said she think he okay. note to self, dont get another reading from gina, ever. total fraud!!!!!!!

- Sarah

15 Mar 2018 15:07

she seems a bit dkow to respond and last answer was one word, i dont think we are connecting, but will give her more time

- Trudy

15 Mar 2018 03:50

thank you Gina. I'm sure it's the phone. I miss him, though.

- Sarah

15 Mar 2018 02:45

thanks gina

- Sarah

14 Mar 2018 00:39

she has insight sed somthing that blew my mind real deal ....

- Rene porter

11 Mar 2018 21:01

Thank you!

- Yalitza

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