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Natural born spiritualist

CERTIFIED CLAIRVOYANT, THIRD GENERATION, BORN GIFTED, I have been serving the public with my gifts for over 18 years, I am the proud owner of a psychic shop in McDonough, GA where I have a huge fallowing of very satisfied clients. One Reading will prove to you that I am the one you have been looking for, with the answers you have been waiting to here …no sugar coating, no false promises Just the truth!!


- Love & Relationship
- Soulmate Connections
- Reuniting loved ones
- Breaking up & Divorce
- Cheating & affairs
- Single & Dating
- Same Sex Relationships
- Intimacy
- Career
- Family 
- Twin Flames

Emma's Testimonials

08 Apr 2017 21:19

quick answer,but too short and is not detailed..but i hope she is right.

- AnnaMarie

06 Apr 2017 23:32

only answered one question. please answer the question about my career

- Bel

06 Apr 2017 22:36

can you please answer all of my questions please? you only answered one question + you answered one minute after i had sent my message, i had the impression that you copy pasted

- Chance

06 Apr 2017 04:46

She replies quickly, is accurate, & nice & she matches what some of the best on this app have said & is confident in her readings. She's very compassionate and understanding & I'm already seeing changes in my situation!!

- Fab

29 Mar 2017 02:27

Thank you for the quick reply!!! :)

- Brittany

25 Mar 2017 17:38

Thank you...She is detailed and responds quickly, which is really nice. Thanks fo your help!

- Chris

14 Mar 2017 18:21

Thank you very much! Great reading and very in tune with my situation! Very detailed and accurate! Thanks again.

- Chris

12 Mar 2017 16:27

plzzz answer Im waiting

- T

08 Mar 2017 06:29

fast response, very sweet and reading was pretty good she answered all my questions except for the one about the time frame all i got was it will happen soon.. just really want to know how long this will take ive been waiting patiently for so long..

- Mania

02 Mar 2017 09:56

a sentence.. wow! not impressed. at all. "dont stress"... yea duh im a therapist not asking for your reassurance asking for answers. anyone can say that. ridic.

- Katherine

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