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Psychic Reader, Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Healer

My Readings Are honest & accurate I do not tell people what they want to hear I will only tell you what I am receiving from your energy and also keep in mind that all psychics predictions may be different from others. I am a Psychic Reader, Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Healer.  My Psychic Readings will be able to give you pinpoint accuracy on any questions that you may have. My readings and spiritual advice will offer clarity to the mind, body and spirit. If you have questions or concerns regarding love relationships, family, health, career or any matters on life.  I will be able to give you honest and accurate answers to your questions, or if you just need some advice because you are feeling confused or undecided.  My spiritual advice will be able to direct you in the right direction. By focusing on your aura and on your energy to give you the right advice that will lead you in a positive direction.  Thank you for clicking on my profile I look forward to hearing from you.

I will provide you with the insights and energies I pick up on to help you transcend to the right path, person, and love. I will help you reach your highest potential, and overcome your confusion, difficulties, and Pain. My gift will bring balance within your love life, I will use my gift and ability to answer all and any questions you may have.

I will use my natural abilities to help you through those difficult times and situations, by helping, you receive a solution to your most concerning problems.  I have been a Psychic Reader, Spiritual Advisor for 15 years.  I provide honest and accurate answers and advice.  My services will bring clarity and guidance to your mind, body and spirit. I will help you to have a clear outlook on present situations and will be able to tell you what the future holds.

Susanne's Testimonials

21 May 2017 06:55

so right !!!

- Brittany

12 May 2017 18:50

thanks :)!!

- Shanty Franco Roque

06 May 2017 18:51

I am confused as to why people are complaining about her. She's a great psychic and I am sure she is busy. If everyone would calm down and have faith, the world would be a better place! have a great day:)! You rock Susanne

- HarrGirl

06 May 2017 03:50

Writing this review because I felt she was rude about a comment I made telling me to go back over what we spoke about. Clearly told me on previous occasions that he wouldn't break up with me but now all of a sudden there's a potential break up. Doubting everything she told me about my relationship now . Need better clarity of what is really going on

- Alasia

05 May 2017 14:04

Oh susanne. .what would I do without u. .thx a ton

- S

05 May 2017 04:17

talk to her most the evening, she was quick to reply and i appreciate her insight.

- Michelle

03 May 2017 18:17

Received an apology. Autocorrect apparently.

- Reema

02 May 2017 16:52

thank you again!

- Michelle

01 May 2017 16:45

So I submit that testimonial thinking of our past readings and she responds being really abrupt and quite rude. I asked how you are and I also explained that it was nice to see you online after so long. It's called being polite and having manners.

- Reema

01 May 2017 16:27

I like Susanne. Very patient. Always makes me feel comfortable. X

- Reema

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