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I can help you with Soulmate, Love & Relationship and Family issues

My name is Raquel, I am 3rd generation psychic with over 11 years of experience in mastering my gifts. My gifts are dream analysis, numerology, crystal cleansing, reading, fighting the dark forces and negative energy that others are not aware of. My gifts are passed down from my grandmother who was also a spiritual reader healer advisor and life coach like myself. I am very honored to say that I've been able to help people most of my life. I look forward to helping you not just as a client but as a friend. Are you going through a bad breakup? an ugly divorce? are you having family problems? suffering from depression? Rejection? feeling discourage? I can help you give you tools to work it all out contact me you won't be disappointed.


- Love and relationships 
- Soulmate connection 
- Family 
- Tarot redding 
- Twin flames 
- Picking up feelings 

Raquel's Testimonials

19 Dec 2016 19:23

at first, I deleted my message because she took so long. then, she sent me a message apologizing for forgetting the messae. i sent her another message, i thought she took too long and deleted it. then, 10 mins later, she sends me a message about my question. she caught it before i had deleted it the second time. anyway, i had mentioned to her that the man in question is extremely busy, and she explained to me about how he has responabilities and then she mentioned some things that Deborarah (can't spell her name correctly) has mentioned. Raquel told me that timeframes aren't always accurate like Debrorah told me. And I appreaciate that. I like Debrorah and Raquel better than Nina and Ashlee, even tho I had doubted Debrorah at first, but smaller predictions she has made did came true. I still like Desiree, but I feel like she takes forever and doesn't give me a detailed message like Debrorah, Raquel, and Nina. Nina's readings are somewhat accurate, but not 90% accurate yet. I guess as time flies by, I'll find out who's the most accurate. So far, it's Debrorah who's the most accurate.

- Michele TP

17 Dec 2016 20:39

wow! this woman really cares. she actually messaged me because something happened in my situation and she picked up on it wihout me telling her! im totally amazed and touched by this! TY!

- Katherine

16 Dec 2016 03:39

did not answer all my questions didnt feel i connected with her .

- Jennifer

13 Dec 2016 23:35

Thank you Raquel!! xoxo

- Natalie

12 Dec 2016 04:08

very intuitive and accurate

- Bets

29 Nov 2016 03:22

She is quick and cares.I value her insight she helps alot

- Katherine

27 Nov 2016 18:20

off point with the reading

- Ashlee

24 Nov 2016 00:44

she reads me very well and is very calming

- Michelle

20 Nov 2016 21:49

not accurate

- Gisele

17 Nov 2016 23:03

thank you for guidance!

- Michelle

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