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I can help you with Soulmate, Love & Relationship and Family issues

My name is Raquel, I am 3rd generation psychic with over 11 years of experience in mastering my gifts. My gifts are dream analysis, numerology, crystal cleansing, reading, fighting the dark forces and negative energy that others are not aware of. My gifts are passed down from my grandmother who was also a spiritual reader healer advisor and life coach like myself. I am very honored to say that I've been able to help people most of my life. I look forward to helping you not just as a client but as a friend. Are you going through a bad breakup? an ugly divorce? are you having family problems? suffering from depression? Rejection? feeling discourage? I can help you give you tools to work it all out contact me you won't be disappointed.


- Love and relationships 
- Soulmate connection 
- Family 
- Tarot redding 
- Twin flames 
- Picking up feelings 

Raquel's Testimonials

12 Feb 2017 00:55

Very wrong. The guy in question was abusive to me. I am the peaceful , quiet one. I got out bc I was unhappy.

- Lauren

11 Feb 2017 20:27

Hi raquel thank u u are very on the right spot whe i get ure reading although i just got one and couldnt understand where u saud if there was another man in her life could u repeat that part thank u looks missspelled

- Alexander lexa

11 Feb 2017 19:37

thanks for clearing that up for me

- Just me

11 Feb 2017 17:19

can you answer my other question please?

- Just me

08 Feb 2017 02:56

best! you really can see!!!thank you !!!

- Shanty Franco Roque

04 Feb 2017 04:34

Thank you Raquel!! honest and to the point!

- Natalie

02 Feb 2017 01:04

not awnser my question

- Y

26 Jan 2017 21:39

very honest, fast and accurate. thank you

- Fatima khan

26 Jan 2017 07:44

changed predictions and came across as quite judgy. which isnt helpful. sorry

- Anne

16 Jan 2017 01:36

did not answear my question just said we need tolk which is a bit obvise

- John

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