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I can help you with Soulmate, Love & Relationship and Family issues

My name is Raquel, I am 3rd generation psychic with over 11 years of experience in mastering my gifts. My gifts are dream analysis, numerology, crystal cleansing, reading, fighting the dark forces and negative energy that others are not aware of. My gifts are passed down from my grandmother who was also a spiritual reader healer advisor and life coach like myself. I am very honored to say that I've been able to help people most of my life. I look forward to helping you not just as a client but as a friend. Are you going through a bad breakup? an ugly divorce? are you having family problems? suffering from depression? Rejection? feeling discourage? I can help you give you tools to work it all out contact me you won't be disappointed.


- Love and relationships 
- Soulmate connection 
- Family 
- Tarot redding 
- Twin flames 
- Picking up feelings 

Raquel's Testimonials

05 Mar 2017 20:52

She inaccurate about predictions. She could possibly be right about everything else that she spoke on but i doubt it.

- Janee

02 Mar 2017 19:50

Hi Raquel! I messaged you yesterday and you said you'll look into and get back to me. If you can please do that.

- Natalie

28 Feb 2017 20:15

thankyou for the prompt response! your advice is commendable, i will take it very seriouse as i can tell your gift to be accurate based on information given by you, that you would not have known, as i didnt tell you these details!

- Joe

24 Feb 2017 18:14

she may actually be accurate, wish I had stayed with her more on these readings, but I wasn't sure. however, she does have some mis-spellings and doesn't have the best grammar, but she did gave me some insights and she was accurate on some things.

- Michele TP

24 Feb 2017 11:52

Raquel, thank you for reaching out to me. I apperciate it. I will give you five stars for your customer service.

- Lauren

24 Feb 2017 01:10

very sweet and understanding. and more on point then others on app. one thing came true time will tell with the rest!!

- Em

17 Feb 2017 10:40

nice lady but her prediction was wrong,she told me he wouldnt contact me.... he did.. that night

- Just me

13 Feb 2017 06:30

thanks got your help ..dont always have the DOB of folk i meet though lol..can u do a reading on someone without it?

- Anne

12 Feb 2017 19:29

raquel was right about what she told me waiting for the others to come to pass he did hurt me like you said he would! i only gave 4 1/2 until the rest come to pass although i believe they will

- Leana

12 Feb 2017 01:05

i felt the reading was based on zodiac compatibilty, it wasnt really addressing what i asked, and i do not get along with the sign you mentioned at all male & females so i dont see that sign as a soulmate its polar opposite to leos

- Cheryl

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