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I specialize in Love, Relationship and Family

I’ve been reading professionally for more than 10 years. I come from a long line of psychics, spiritual masters and energy healers, who taught me how to accept, control and master my gifts. I take a brief moment to concentrate on your question and connects to your energy through your name and date of birth and also the energy of you and to describes my reading style as “clear, compassionate and understanding.” I share my predictions and insights, to gets confirmation from you, and also welcomes your questions throughout the reading. While I specialize in resolving love and relationship money career family children issues, i enjoys working with a wide variety of topics. Callers “receive not only an accurate psychic reading, but also spiritual advice and words of guidance and encouragement.” My readings: “I can feel your pain and emotion during the reading. I hope to give you a better understanding and outlook for your future to give you faith for tomorrow.”


- Love and relationship
- Marriage and divorce
- Separation 
- Soulmate connection 
- Twin flame
- Business and finance 

Sherry's Testimonials

20 Jul 2016 18:15

Thank you Sherry!! I will let you know what happens!

- jazmin

20 Jul 2016 17:25

omg this angel is amazing i cant wipe this smile off my face she is a gem i will defo be coming bk to her :) she defo is worth a reading she blow your mind :):)

- Chetz

20 Jul 2016 07:23

We connected very well and quickly with compassionate, fast and detailed responses that were both insightful and accurate. Thank you.

- Roshan

20 Jul 2016 07:16

nice fast and to the point

- Ashley

20 Jul 2016 07:02

I can feel that she can sense how hurt I am. Thank you for your input I hope everything will be okay.

- jazmin

20 Jul 2016 01:01

She has a wonderful gift! and is very insightful :) I feel confident in what she says! I appreciate all your help Sherry! Thanks so much!!

- Rikki

19 Jul 2016 21:13

Thank you so much! amazing!!

- Naz

19 Jul 2016 21:06

had two reading from her already and both was about very different situations but both readings were spot on thank you

- Hayley

19 Jul 2016 21:04

thank you for your quick reply, looking forward to your predictions.

- Star

19 Jul 2016 19:01

I loved her on purple ocean and so happy she's on this app-she remains my favorite with her detailed insight, connection, and such positivity. Can't wait to update when predictions come to pass :)

- Katherine

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