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Loving, Compassionate & Truthful Reader

Hello :) Thank you for taking a look at my profile. Hoping that the help you are seeking for you are going to get over here after having a private reading with me. I am a Natural Born Intuitive, Psychic and Healer. One of my strongest abilities is being a Clairvoyant, which I have had my entire life. I am a psychic guided by the Angels. I can give you readings as well as I am a relationship healer.
At very early age I was always so in tune to my spiritual gifts. As I become older I started to use my gift to help the people all around the world and guide them to find their path and give them insight with accurate information. I am also very sensitive to energies and I am able to channel and tune into your situation by connecting to a name or situation. I have a sense of 'knowing' that can come over me during our session. 
I am a relationship consultant and I have helped several people find solutions to their issues with relationships and marriages. I make sure to tune into the situation and connect to find the root of the issue and guide you in the present situation. My objective in each session is to find a solution that can help you to change your future! We do have indefinite paths and as long as we can take charge of our path, and our self, we can transform our life and create a wonderful life we desire for . - We do make mistakes (all of us do), and we do learn from our mistakes, but as long as we keep moving forward we will be able to succeed and create the life we want by not looking back. But moving forward and staying strong!

It is very important to be optimistic, no matter what the situation you are going through, but if you believe that there is good time coming over, whether it is hard to see it at that specific moment. The positive always outweighs the negative. You will have to learn about to move forward. Because even a bad situation is not “BAD” all the time, sometimes it’s just happen to make us learn out of it and move forward for the good. You can turn a bad situation into good for yourself.

Iffat's Testimonials

04 Jul 2016 00:07

Iffat is very prompt in her response and she gives quite specific details. I'm waiting to see the results she has predicted.

- Szesze

03 Jul 2016 23:05

great reader, i'd like to thank you please keep continue to help

- Amina

03 Jul 2016 16:46

thank you

- Sharon

03 Jul 2016 16:45

thank you Iffat for your comforting and long reply..

- Star

03 Jul 2016 16:36

quick and detailed reply. much appreciated. thank you

- Star

03 Jul 2016 15:38

Responds quickly!! she was very nice. I would def recommend her. she seems to know her stuff... now i'll just wait to see whats gonna happen!!

- B

03 Jul 2016 12:44

thank u Iffat u have answered all my questions and gave me clarification . Hope ur prediction come to pass .

- T

03 Jul 2016 00:46

iffats reading was on point, i pray her predictions comes to pass soon . iffat lifted up my spirits so much , and put my heart at ease. shes a must try!

- dalia eden torres

02 Jul 2016 23:00

People need to understand that just because your prediction came true with a certain psychic, doesn't mean it'll come true for everyone. not every psychic is accurate & I won't ever tell anyone to not choose a psychic just because they didn't connect well with me. everyone's situation is different. However, I do recommend that you give this woman a try! Iffat is accurate so far. I will update again this month! :)

- Michele P

02 Jul 2016 18:37

She seems to say similar things like Tina but she said that he checks up on me with Twitter and Facebook and I dont have eithet social media but maybe its a bit difficult to see?Thanks either way!

- jazmin

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