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Specialize in Love, Relationship & Soulmate

I’m gifted clairvoyant with over eight years of professional reading experience I feel if you're reading this God has sent you to me for a reason I will help you find clarity and peace I'm here to help put you down the path that you are destined to be on I am strongly blessed to have the ability to help others in their time of need I am clairvoyant which means I have the ability to see hidden things!

I use no tools I work with my angels and spirit guides I specialize in Love & relationships but I can look into much more as in career, friends and family or what ever the issues may be I am also very direct and honest as I can be I am non-judgmental in anyway shape or form.

Alissa's Testimonials

05 Jun 2016 02:52

very nice prediction. she knows whats going on. highly recommended

- Racquel

04 Jun 2016 02:57

omg such an amzing person so lovly in what she says

- Chetz

04 Jun 2016 01:11

hands down one of the best new psychics on this app. the detail was amazing and she definitley helped me be more at ease!she seems very accurate and connects with other psychics as to what she said.Im sure everything will come to pass.She does give time frames for me but it wasnt exact dates or anything but other than that, shes amazing!

- jazmin

03 Jun 2016 14:00

seems truthful hope her prediction comes true!!

- Lewis

03 Jun 2016 11:22

she is so amazing. she blew me away with what she could pick up on.

- Jen

03 Jun 2016 11:12

very good and detailed!

- Jen

03 Jun 2016 07:43

lovely reader she was detailed and friendly. gives positive advice which i apprrciate. thank you Alissa

- Lorena

03 Jun 2016 06:44

She definitely connected with my situation as well.... especially about a certain relationship. Looking forward to her prediction as well!!!

- B

03 Jun 2016 04:19

connected very well to my situations !! cant speak on predictions just yet

- Azaria

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