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Specialize in Love, Relationship & Soulmate

I’m gifted clairvoyant with over eight years of professional reading experience I feel if you're reading this God has sent you to me for a reason I will help you find clarity and peace I'm here to help put you down the path that you are destined to be on I am strongly blessed to have the ability to help others in their time of need I am clairvoyant which means I have the ability to see hidden things!

I use no tools I work with my angels and spirit guides I specialize in Love & relationships but I can look into much more as in career, friends and family or what ever the issues may be I am also very direct and honest as I can be I am non-judgmental in anyway shape or form.

Alissa's Testimonials

23 Mar 2017 21:49

Wasted time and money on this psychic. Lies. Nothing has come to pass.

- Reema

22 Mar 2017 02:36

thank you so much for chatting with me alissa! and thanks for calming my self doubt and anxiety. it means a lot to me. your reassurance meant the world to me.

- Chantel

20 Mar 2017 16:29

Very positive reading...hopefully things come to fruition.

- Leslie

19 Mar 2017 01:49

Her first prediction of contact happening this month, came to pass, but it was a week later, on his birthday. Though, we did not speak on the phone, but he did contacted me. Only for a little bit. However, Alissa didn't say how he'll contact me or what he'll say, she just said he will contact me. I must say, her first prediction came true, but we're still waiting for the big prediction coming true. I didn't have enough credits to ask her how does his family feel about me and if they want us together, etc. I do need to ask her more about it whenever I get the chance too. However, I'm low in money, but I sure will ask her more questions. She's been the most realistic and accurate one so far. However, Sarika and Michelle has been accurate too and their timeframes were 100%. It's just Alissa mentioned things I haven't mentioned before. I'm glad, I finally tried her this time!

- Micheleunio

18 Mar 2017 23:33

love love!! so on point. and quick! plus things she said cam true!

- Em

18 Mar 2017 03:51

Thank you Alissa!! Such a sweet and genuine reader. Readings are accurate and im hoping thag the timeframe is right!! Definitely recommend!!

- Mania

18 Mar 2017 02:45

Great reading! Really detailed and on point. I appreciate the advice and guidance. Thanks again!

- Chris

17 Mar 2017 10:41

thx a ton ..all your predictions pass already..hope in future too..will follow your advice..hugs

- S

17 Mar 2017 02:59

Thank you dear, best reading I cant wait to see it unfold and update

- Katherine

16 Mar 2017 23:42

She has been accurate, but sadly, he didn't contact me within the timeframe she gave me. Maybe, I need to give it some time? timeframes aren't always accurate, but what she said was accurate.

- Micheleunio

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