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I specialize in love and relationship guidance

I am a 3rd generation psychic and advisor and I have over 20 years in experience. I specialize in love and relationship guidance. But I can also give detailed readings in all aspects of life including money, career, family & friendships. I am a straightforward non-judgemental psychic who can help you find answers in any area of life that concerns you. 

Sonia's Testimonials

07 Dec 2016 17:14

she is simply the best

- Just Me

07 Dec 2016 15:26

Sonia's readings are the BEST. Very gifted and lovely as ever. Thank you! xxx

- Katherine

07 Dec 2016 13:17

sonia is avery kind and respectfull and on top honest... she is definenately gifted.I highly recommend her you wont be dissapointed

- Angie

07 Dec 2016 08:08

Sonia could you please reply asap thanks darl xxx

- Kym

06 Dec 2016 07:10

if you can get back to me asap your wonderful thanks so much

- nessa

05 Dec 2016 21:48

sonia you never dissapoint me, your readings feel so right! you put my heart at ease. lol sorry for being too annoying! i will def. be updating you. youre an angel!

- dalia eden torres

05 Dec 2016 19:23

thank u

- T

04 Dec 2016 22:25

Sonia you are one of my favs here and I always wait for you to come online. If you see this could you please message me regarding my situation and let me know what is happening please and if you see a timeframe soon thank you xxx

- Kym

04 Dec 2016 20:36

good takes forever to respond but i like detail msgs

- Ashley

04 Dec 2016 19:48

one of my favorites here! i love waiting for Sonia's answers. She keeps you motivated & positivity to keep you going. predicitons havent happened yet.. but keeping faith that they will..

- Danah

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