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I specialize in love and relationship guidance

I am a 3rd generation psychic and advisor and I have over 20 years in experience. I specialize in love and relationship guidance. But I can also give detailed readings in all aspects of life including money, career, family & friendships. I am a straightforward non-judgemental psychic who can help you find answers in any area of life that concerns you. 

Sonia's Testimonials

28 Dec 2016 19:17

very lovely lady but her perdition won't happen because now he is on a dating line chatting to other girls and going on dates .he dosent want me anymore I am deverstated

- Christina

28 Dec 2016 12:03

very detailed and accurate.

- Joleesa

25 Dec 2016 00:26

thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful insight

- Gabby

18 Dec 2016 16:19

sorry Sonia I asked a question 8 days ago and didnt receive any answer from you...I had to delete it as one part of it was not relevant anymore. I appreciate your readings you are very kind, unfortunately the person in question and I stopped communicating,he shut down again..I dont know when you are gonna be online again but please could you let me know if you see any positive things coming up for us?any real progress? id appreciate it immensely..thank you

- Eva

16 Dec 2016 08:33

you said if any red flags come up about the girl in question you would let me know?? well hes told me hes happy with her so i have lost him please find it in your heart to look for me xxx

- Lisa

13 Dec 2016 18:19

he has told me he is seeing this girl sonia now :( im gutted please help xxx

- Lisa

11 Dec 2016 05:12

yoh are amazing !!! thank you so much Sonia for all your support xoxoxoxo

- Nas

10 Dec 2016 14:27

brilliant! one of the best

- Gabby

08 Dec 2016 23:26

Sonia is brilliant! she deserves 10 stars her readings and advice are detailed and r show she cares. Thanks Sonia huge hugs you kept this girl going through some difficult times.. youre the best x

- Anne

08 Dec 2016 02:31

Sonia is truly amazing. She hasn't been wrong yet.

- Elizabeth

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