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I specialize in love and relationship guidance

I am a 3rd generation psychic and advisor and I have over 20 years in experience. I specialize in love and relationship guidance. But I can also give detailed readings in all aspects of life including money, career, family & friendships. I am a straightforward non-judgemental psychic who can help you find answers in any area of life that concerns you. 

Sonia's Testimonials

03 Jan 2017 05:21

been waiting 3 days for a reply

- Just me

01 Jan 2017 02:21

Everything is wrong :( Im so devostated I should of let him go a long time ago rather then get my hopes up :(

- Kym

31 Dec 2016 23:38

very detailed n good :) i do recomended to people. She did answer me very quick, if not she has a good reason, the end of the day all has life n family to look after do understand :)

- Betty

30 Dec 2016 19:05

please reply sonia!! ive sent and deleted a message several times pls reply

- Gabby

30 Dec 2016 08:47

used to always reply but doesnt anymore got fed up of waiting

- Donna Gillmore

29 Dec 2016 18:50

I love Sonia's readings!! She is always confident in her predictions I am looking forward to it all unfolding

- Katherine

29 Dec 2016 18:42

Hi Sonia could you please answer timeframe question for me that would be great thank you xx

- Kym

29 Dec 2016 18:33

reply soon!

- Gabby

29 Dec 2016 05:46

very accurate i love her readings

- Gabby

28 Dec 2016 20:54

you said you would let me know if there is any red flags but you havent and he has said he is with that girl now and has blocked me on everything! beyond gutted

- Lisa

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