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True, Honest & Gifted Psychic

I am a true & honest psychic gifted since birth Many Say. I first realized my gift when I was 7 years old. Instead of playing with toys and makeup like a Regular little girl I was fascinated with tarot cards and was able to connect with angels and receive direct message from them for Others.

Some called me "An Angel of Healing". I love to help people through my psychic abilities. That’s My Gift, Passion, and life! I'm a third generation gifted reader. I began my spiritual path, as a child, rune-casting and tarot reading. I was taught by my Grandmother, who was an intuitive healer. This began the beginning of my spiritual awakening and growth. Through my gifts I have helped many reach the levels of happiness they deserve. I have many testimonials to speak of my excellent accuracy. My predictions and insights are real. My readings are very authentic.  

Gifted to help in all matters of love, relationship, break-up and divorce. Reunite lovers. I use my empathetic clairvoyant ability in a way that is different from anyone else. This allows me to locate your fingerprint of your soul. Once that connection is established then you will be in a state of total amazement. 

Because I will be able to identify the true and exact complication of your relationship and immediately this will show me your truest solution. I can read for you with or without using any tools. 

On our journey to finding true happiness the readings I provide are done using a combination of my own psychic gift, tarot and communication from my spirit guides. In my work I use a unique way of reading which allows me to work with your Life Path. From the moment we are born we have a unique Life Path which has many aspects of your future already set in stone. Learning to read and interpret this path has become my passion for over 10 years. 

It is now my preferred methods of reading as it allows for clarity. It allows for me to look deeply into the past, present and future to find the best outcome for any situation you are in, or any problem you have, and to provide you with the most accurate answers. What I see truly does happen. As an experienced Life Path reader you can be assured of nothing but the best insight into your situation.

Ashley's Testimonials

23 Mar 2017 22:44

ashley i hope you are ok, are you going to be online soon? i had to delete a few questions as things keep changing but i want to have a reading from you asap because you are the best!!

- Eva

23 Mar 2017 07:36

very detailed, amazingly intuitive and lengthy responses. hope you'll be back soon

- Bets

22 Mar 2017 07:56

Hi Ashley please answer my text I sent since 16th March thank you

- Hazel

20 Mar 2017 16:27

Very positive reading...just praying it comes to fruition!

- Leslie

18 Mar 2017 04:30

Very very detailed responses, the best I have had on here. I wish she was on more as I have to wait a while before I get a response, but she is so apologetic when she does eventually come on. Please Ashley, I await an answer. Thanks

- Hazel

17 Mar 2017 14:06

Absolutely worth every dollar and more. The detail of her readings are impeccable and very much appreciated!

- Kristen

17 Mar 2017 02:33

Ashley,,, please come back online soon!

- Romana

13 Mar 2017 11:49

ashley, i hope u'll be online soon!!! waiting for your reply!!

- Romana

08 Mar 2017 13:04

She is fantastic, very detailed and kind. Made me feel a lot better. Thank you!

- Elena Muro

08 Mar 2017 04:16

Ashley is so good that i wish i could talk to her everyday She speaks the truth and i love her

- Yana

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