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Expert in Love, Soulmate & Romance

I’m expert on love, intimacy, monogamy and romance. I show you how to find your one true soulmate and to help you find out who's not. Or maybe you are facing a divorce I can help you save your Marriage. 

Are you battling depression, dejection or oppression? I can help you break the yoke and bondage of Satan and sho you how to remove people in your life that seem like your friends but are not. I am also here to discuss matters in finance how to be at your best and have the financial break through and have enough and to not just get by any more but to have so much that you can give to others!!! Or maybe you are just suffering from a loss of a loved one or a family member or some one is ill?  Is there division in your family? Have a rebellious child that just what ever you say is wrong and refuses to listen or even a sibling, can’t get along with any one in your family? I am here to help in all these matters as your friend and spiritual guide through all life's issues.

Deborah's Testimonials

19 Dec 2016 19:17

She's pretty good at answering all of my questions in a long detailed response, and she tells me that timeframes aren't always accurate. But she still gave me one as I've asked for one anyway! I like her more than I like Nina and Ashlee. I had doubted her at first tho.

- Michele TP

19 Dec 2016 17:11

She was very rude and short. Did not answer any of my questions.

- Faith

18 Dec 2016 19:32

At first, I had doubted her and disagreed with her, I still kind of disagree on her with some things, but there is a reason why I keep coming back to her. She said I'd most likely will hear from him today, and we will hangout again sometime this week. Well, I did hear from him during this hour. 2:12pm, however, he is currently busy. So far, Desiree and Debrorah's predictions came to pass! only small parts of it, but I'm still waiting for Ashlee's predictions to come to pass. and I don't know about Nina's predictions yet.

- Michele TP

18 Dec 2016 18:01

Deborah connects very well with me and gives similar advice to my favourite advisors here but also with additional accurate details on subjects personality and situations. looking forward to seeing some predictions come to pass. thank you again

- Monica

15 Dec 2016 01:32

dosent give enough info.

- Gabby

13 Dec 2016 16:36

at first I had agreed with her, but I have to disagree with her. she said that the man I love is a flirt, but all innocent, however; he only flirts if he is serious about having a relationship. also, he is shy. and, he likes SOME attention, but he doesn't care if he gets it because he is used to being ignored. and she isn't giving me long paragraphs. I think I'm gonna stick with Desiree because her prediction came to pass a day later.. so, sorry Debrorah, but you're not tapping well into his energy...or personality from what I already know.

- Michele TP

12 Dec 2016 16:27

good feedback, just wish i had a little more info

- Marissa

12 Dec 2016 10:43

I was hoping she would get back to me for more explantions, but she didn't, however; I'll still be using her because she gave me a long detailed response. She told me that if I were to have the cookout yesterday, that the man I love wouldn't be able to make it, but he was trying to make it and I can tell because last week, he was asking me when and what time it was, and he was saying it could work. Unfortunately, he was not able to communicate at all yesterday. He and I are not officially together yet, still waiting for the bigger predictions, but the prediction about yesterday came to pass and I am actually surprised.

- Michele TP

11 Dec 2016 17:28

She gave me the same answer some other psychics have given me, so I think she is accurate! As for timeframes, she gave me one but said it is relative. Which I appreciate.

- Gabriela

10 Dec 2016 18:14

thank you

- Karon

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