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Specialize in Love, Relationships & Career

I am a natural born gifted psychic with over 20 years of experience. I have been helping guide people in all areas such as love and relationships, career, finance and more. I am non judgmental and have respect in all situations that come to me so you don't have to be afraid or embarrassed to ask me anything. I will not sugar coat your reading, i will not just tell you what you want to hear, I will answer your questions honestly and accurately with the most details your energy allows me to give you. I enjoy sharing my gift and can't wait to help guide you on your journey.

Lisa's Testimonials

26 Dec 2016 09:07

said i would be contacted by the end of the year by someone. Last night i was contacted by them and we spoke for five hours straight. thank you!

- Laura

23 Dec 2016 19:17

she was very sweet and kind as soon as she answered my questions very detailed and great information

- Tyronda

22 Dec 2016 18:08

Thank you Lisa your message warmed my heart. Thanks for the reassurance

- Katherine

22 Dec 2016 18:01

thanks Lisa but u forget to give timeframe can u plz say when?

- T

21 Dec 2016 23:54

love love love xxx

- Just me

21 Dec 2016 20:40

thx lisa..can u read your answer again'gym' ?..its positive tho so thx a ton..will be back

- S

14 Dec 2016 14:14

lisa you told me to dont give up .... i hanged in there and you were right. hes comming more into my life. i pray for this relationship to get better and stronger

- dalia eden torres

12 Dec 2016 00:09

she was amazing! and calmed me very down when it comes to love. very accurate. thanku so much

- Khadra

11 Dec 2016 06:10

Thank you! very insightful!

- Naz

30 Nov 2016 18:24

can you please answer if you see a move please snd if so when you answer dome qestions but not all can you please answer all of them thankyou do much

- Samantha

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