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Specialize in Love, Relationships & Career

I am a natural born gifted psychic with over 20 years of experience. I have been helping guide people in all areas such as love and relationships, career, finance and more. I am non judgmental and have respect in all situations that come to me so you don't have to be afraid or embarrassed to ask me anything. I will not sugar coat your reading, i will not just tell you what you want to hear, I will answer your questions honestly and accurately with the most details your energy allows me to give you. I enjoy sharing my gift and can't wait to help guide you on your journey.

Lisa's Testimonials

19 Mar 2017 03:07

very nice but prediction never happened

- Mike

27 Feb 2017 15:26

prediction from last year did not occur, first few months of the year ive found out there is someone else, cannot see any commitment happening, complete opposite

- Bella

16 Feb 2017 02:01

her prediction never came true, we are not together & she said we'd be together ending of this year.

- Chinamelum

03 Feb 2017 15:04

come online

- Aminah

14 Jan 2017 17:56

please come back online, i need you xxx

- Just me

10 Jan 2017 18:41

very detailed and on point looking forward to her predictions coming true, thank you lisa!

- Taylor

10 Jan 2017 18:33

she amazing and i know she doesnt sugar coat. Looking forward to predictions

- Katherine

10 Jan 2017 18:32

as usual too good...thx a lot

- S

30 Dec 2016 19:23

seems like Lisa is never online anymore maybe i just come on the wrong times aha. but this lady is so amazing does not give false hope at all tells nothing but the truth. if something is bothering me i will speak to her as i know it will be the truth and no sugar coating or false hopes. if she cant see what she is picking up clearly she will deffo say it and not iust say anything.

- Brittany

27 Dec 2016 01:29

hi lisa u said soon, but do u see a timeframe?

- Dc

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