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Love And Relationships, Natural Gifted Psychic Medium

From as long as I can remember I have been aware of spirit, and have always had an inner knowledge of life after this lifetime. As soon as I could talk this would be around the age of two, I would speak of life past this existence and how I can to be here with my mother and father, guided by my great grandparents on the way down. Talking with my grandmother about relatives had never met whom had passed before my birth, describing them accurately to what they looked like to their nicknames. This of course shocked my mother and made my grandmother smile. By the age of three I had my first real encounter with spirit seeing clearly a male in my bedroom at night. I described him to my mother who ensured me no man was there. Until one day when looking through family photo’s there he was my great aunts passed husband. Someone else I had never met or seen.

My awareness of spirit has always been strong and I pick up on spirit energies quickly making my mediumship my strongest gift and one that will often come to my aid in my readings. I also discovered I am great with my psychic ability’s often telling other’s things about them I could never know and predicting things that would happen. empathy has always been a strong point for me also, being able to pick up on auras and energies of others and feeling the emotions around them often helping them to understand how and why they are feeling the way they are. I am a brilliant judge of character also and can pick up the kind of person just on the first meeting or from the energies of the person talking about them without meeting them at all.

I have experience in mediumship, psychometry , aura readings and dream interpretation, and love nothing more than using my gifts to help and guide other’s to a better place. Using my guides and your’s as well as my inner knowledge along side an empathic nature I would love to help you along your way into a more positive place.

Jennifer's Testimonials

31 Oct 2015 17:33

Great reading today! Seen a lot that was going on! I'll keep ya updated! Thanks again

- Rabiya

31 Oct 2015 17:31

Great reading today! Seen a lot that was going on! I'll keep ya updated! Thanks again

- Rabiya

02 Oct 2015 16:30

Jennifer's help through a difficult situation for me has been amazing. Always help's me to understand and move forward. I can't recommend her highly enough!

- Rebecca

06 Oct 2015 20:32

Jennifer is amazing lady! really helped put me at ease and didn't rush me. really understood what had been happening in my life. I am very impressed and looking forward to my future

Thank you xxx

- Kayleigh

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