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Extraordinarily Accurate Gifted Evidential Psychic Medium

Peter was born in 1974 and is based on the South Coast of the United Kingdom in Hampshire. He developed an interest in Spiritualism and Mediumship whilst still a boy and at a very young age after a sudden death had taken place in his home. The interest in Communicating with the Spirit World was born! Peter developed his Mediumship with a very experienced Spiritualist Medium who became a very special friend. He has also been a practising Psychic since he was a teenager and now helps others who wish to develop their abilities .
He is indeed and without any doubt an “ Extraordinarily , Accurate Gifted Evidential Medium & Psychic “ with many thousands of return clients , having trusted in his accuracy and online guidance for over a decade .

Peter's Testimonials

25 Mar 2017 02:16

Peter has a sprit snd gift that is uniquie. He is emparhic, patience and honest about his readings.

- Lia

25 Mar 2017 00:36

peter is great knows accurate info. that no one would.... but peter can u please reply to my msg. thank you!

- Loralee

19 Mar 2017 20:54

Peter I asked you a q about divorce and what would happen in my relationship in March. you only responded about the divorce. I asked another q if i was right about a guy and to answer my prev q....but you haven't. can you please look again and can you please stop ending every Answer with a q.

- Rashdah

11 Mar 2017 04:29

Eh, Peter is nice but didnt answer my questions. I asked the same question twice & he skipped over them & asked me other questions, trying to get me to respond. Had them been something specific, I would have responded, but they were very vague. Basically taking a stab in the dark. Feels like I wasted almost $8. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

- Chelle

10 Mar 2017 04:31

even though his messages are short he is extremely accurate and knew about things i didnt mention. :)

- Mania

10 Mar 2017 04:18

he seems nice but he is not very detailed or specific in his reading

- Mania

09 Mar 2017 16:43

had some really good answers and thought we connected, however have now waited 24 for a response to a question :(

- Amanda

08 Mar 2017 15:30

sweet, but vague answers - and response took a long time. can't tell if there was a real connection. Mentioned grandmother like spirit, which could be true as ive heard that from a psychic in person. Maybe if you are looking for a medium, he would be very helpful. thank you.

- Lexi Bazil

08 Mar 2017 14:59

peter can you please answer my questions?

- Chelsey

08 Mar 2017 12:50

Thank you peter! He was amazing, patient and answered all my questions. I appreciate that alot :)!

- Khawla

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