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Accurate, Honest Love Psychic.

Hello, I am Johanna I am exemplary Spiritual Advisor, Healer and much more. I am a third Generation Psychic A visionary. Yet I am humble, ready to learn and grow right along with you. I am A Clairvoyant Psychic, Medium, Theta Healer, Tarot Reader, Astrologer, Numerologist, Personal Counselor & Life Coach. It is my pleasure to be of service to you along your journey of knowledge and understanding. I have traveled and studied for over 20 years. Searching for this life's glorious answers. First, let me say this"I AM NOT HERE TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, I AM HERE TO HELP, BY TELLING YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR THE TRUTH!" The UNIVERSE sends us on an epic Roller Coaster Ride called LIFE. The heavens hold the golden keys of knowledge for us. Most of us desperately want and need answers to unlock our ever-changing future. As imperfect humans we rarely trust our own intuition. Our beliefs place us on a journey, that begins in our minds and manifests itself through in our feelings on into our very life.


Johanna 's Testimonials

20-May-2018 @ 16:21:13

great reading

- Kamaria

20-May-2018 @ 05:13:42

very kind and caring. she was spot on with the two guys i asked about. i highly recommened her :) thanks!

- Tsha

20-May-2018 @ 05:12:56

thank you so much !!! i really appreciate the reading she is really amazing

- Nora

18-May-2018 @ 05:39:32

she is really sweet and is always on point with me. honestly❤

- Asia

16-May-2018 @ 04:09:54

thank you again for my two readings .. it was great like always will be back soon

- Celia

15-May-2018 @ 13:49:12

I love her she's amazing.

- S

14-May-2018 @ 03:17:35

answered what i wanted to know honestlty , very good

- Liliya

12-May-2018 @ 17:05:57

i felt like she was really mean when she replied. there's way for you to say things without having to be so mean. if I'm reaching out to you is because im going throught a rough time. And of course honesty is a must but there ways to be honest without having to sound so mean. Maybe you went through a similiar situation? i dont know. i would like to get my money back. thanks

- Bianka

09-May-2018 @ 09:59:05

plz clarify in 4-5 weeks or in october and how not to miss him? and fall is which month thanks

- Faith

09-May-2018 @ 03:48:47

dear plz confirm mansconnection in 4-6 weeks or october?its confusing and fal is which month.she doesnt look intersted so thats why asking how can i not loose him.plz help me by my confusion im confused plz inbox thanks

- Faith

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